Revamp and Call for Submissions

Oh my! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the last publication of Turtle Way, an online journal of literary and visual artwork submitted by and published in support of those with mental illness.

The main reason for the long stretch of nothingness is because with the way I have this site set up, it takes a lot of work and concentration to transfer a current issue into the archives and I have not been mentally well enough to do so, in addition to organizing communication with contributors and writing up multiple posts per issue. I also may need to redesign the site, especially if WordPress forces me to because this theme is so old.

On the up side, even with such radio silence from me here, you all have still been sending in your submissions, which is fabulous! I smile every time one hits my inbox and hoped that some day again I could start sending off acceptance emails. That day may be here soon!

I have saved the last two years of submissions and will review them in due time. If I accept your submission I will notify you to confirm that your submission is still active before I publish it.

If you submitted over two years ago or would like to submit a new piece, please read the entire submission guidelines page here before submitting.

I especially need photography and art submissions at this time. Poetry, essays, short fiction and nonfiction prose, and meditations and inspirational works are also welcomed. For a complete list visit the submission guidelines page.

I’m super excited to be back and hopefully, this bout of hypomania??? will last long enough for me to get this done! 😜🥰

For more information on me, please visit my blog, Write into the Light.

About WiL (she/her)

Anxiety and Bipolar disorder sufferer, sober wife, mom, mental health blogger

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