As an Episode Nears by Cali Turner

public domain image
Trophic levels rising 
I feel it in my bones,
Both fear of what I’ll leave
in my ruins and joy
In anticipation for the
Pure ecstasy that awaits.

For when I feel
On top of the world,
It's usually simultaneous
With the destruction of my own.

4 days, 1 week, months
The storm will last, raging on,
Its inhuman energy lifting me
Up and up, leaving me blissfully
Unaware of the ruins I’ve created
Beneath my feet, leaving those around me
To deal with my destruction
If they choose to stay.

When the storm halts
I plummet down crashing
Into my own debree.
All of the energy it brought
Gone with what little I had left.

The storm,
The period of pure euphoria,
The period of everything,
Leaves me with nothing at all.

Originally from Willimantic, Maine, Cali Turner (she/her) is an undergrad at The University of Maine at Farmington. She is currently double majoring in English and Creative Writing. You can always find Cali outside, whether she’s hiking or curled up with a book in a hammock.

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