Faith by Samia Mehbub

My heart beats loudly 

As these obstacles head

Before me in every step

That I take one at a time

Leaping and falling

Now taking it a few

Steps back to start over

Huge signs of

Left, right, straight

Huge signs of

Up and down

Muddled at the paths

That is waiting for me

Bruised knees from

Wrong directions but

Light in heart striving

For the path that is my calling

Is the one that brings the best

Is the one that matters

Holding me close

Lifting me up

Strengthening my


Whether I make it or not

Is not the problem

It's not meant to be simple

But I only pray for strength

To make promises with Angels

And make a difference

With every organ in

My body that will




Do it to those that care

Samia Mehbub is the author of “Inspired: to Comfort Your Soul.” One of her poems called “Hello Sunshine” has been featured on Poetry Nation. She is also a student and scholar at the University of Central Florida majoring in English Literature. She won a writing competition from her local Newssun and was featured in her local Highlands Today newspaper. Samia writes mental health and wellness blogs for DumbLittleMan. She has been featured on their website. Also, she is the founder and Youtuber for a spoken word organization called We As Words that speaks on behalf of diversity. Her videos are spoken word, poetry, giving mental health advice, comedy, her singing performances, and more. You can find her Youtube videos here: WeAsWords – YouTube


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