When the Black Dog Calls by Christine Fowler

My love, you do not hear what is said,

when your depression rages

And your head is filled with clouds

darker than the night.

You do not hear what is said

when people shower praise

instead, uncertainty and doubt

rage inside your head.

You do not hear what is said,

when your eyes are dull

your ears blind

your world, flat and grey.

You do not hear what is said,

when my arms encircle you

and love is burning in my heart.

I am unable to take your pain away my love.

You do not hear what

I say.

Christine Fowler has worked in many settings, including Psychiatric and General Hospitals, Universities, Probation and Prisons, Retail, and as an independent Therapist.  She has thus, always worked with people experiencing challenging situations, mentally, emotionally, sexually or criminally, with ages ranging from babies to 90+.  It is these experiences which inform a lot of her current work although she does indulge her lighter more whimsical style from time to time.

With regard to publishing Christine Fowler began seriously performing and writing poetry and fiction in 2019.  Since 2020 her prose and poems have been published in journals, anthologies and film both online and in print in the USA and UK.  Some of her poems are showcased in https://www.christinefowlerpoetry.com and Instagram @christine.fowler.poetry


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