Lavender Light by Melanie Petrandis

She crawled into the attic that night
She was surrounded by lavender light
She found the treasure chest she was looking for
She got lost when she searched for it so many times before

A magical world was waiting for her
A mystical world where she would finally be heard
She would tell her secrets to all who were safe
She would learn to forgive others for their mistakes

She would breathe a sigh of relief
And let go of the pain
She would smile as her fear soon began to wane
She discovered the tranquility deep inside of her
Realized things were beautiful just the way they were

Amidst the jewels she found she finally knew
That there was treasure inside her too
She found it surrounded by the lavender light
As she hugged herself so very tight
The little girl inside her would soon fall asleep
And they would be one in this beautiful peace.

Melanie Petrandis is a poet living with bipolar disorder and anxiety. She has been writing poems since she was a child and is inspired by her challenges with mental illnesses as well as her journey to hope and healing despite them. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her beloved husband and basset hound. Her poems can be found on and she has videos of some of her poems on her youtube page:

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay


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