Swan’s Flight by Eoin Begley

Pangs in solitude, to ask a question
Of another mind, looking for affirmation
That a thought or action is sound,
As alone there’s always a tinge unreal.
Today a pair of swans seek a new patch,
Temporarily swim down the current
Under an arch reduced by spate
Of a bridge of greyed old stone.
Pangs in company, to spread the aura
Of a mind thrust into high energy
Which mythologies a person or task,
Elevated stories anxious to spread or tell.
Tonight a swan neglects the simple route,
Spreads wings that strike electrical wires,
Falls stunned upon the road, but revives,
Hears water, stumbles back to river island.

Eoin Begley resides in Dublin, Ireland and is 54 years old. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in the 1980s with an honours degree in English. Eoin has suffered from schizophrenia for the majority of his life – since being diagnosed with the condition in his early twenties. Writing and poetry have always been a fundamental outlet for him and an important means of expression. Emily Dickinson and W.B Yeats in particular have inspired him and his work. Eoin was privileged to have some other poems from this collection published in the most recent edition of “The Awakenings Review”.

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay


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