Welcome to Turtle Way™ –  an online creative arts magazine showcasing the work of individuals suffering and recovering from mental illness. Our mission is to offer our experience, strength and hope with those who, like us, are living with mental illnesses. Each issue of Turtle Way™ may include poetry, photography, artwork, and prose (including quotes, meditations, opinion pieces and essays) from individuals with mental illness and/or those who love them.

All creative works are credited to their original authors or source, who have granted Turtle Way permission to reproduce said works.  All rights revert to their original authors upon publication.  Works created by Write into the Light for Turtle Way Journal are copyrighted and all rights to these works are reserved by Write into the Light.  Please direct questions or comments to the editor’s email writeintothelight@live.com

To be a part of our mission, please submit your original poetry, prose, short-story fiction, non-fiction, essays, meditations, photography and artwork for consideration in upcoming issues of Turtle Way™ by closely following the submission guidelines here.

Shine your light and help us increase public awareness of the truth about mental illnesses. Together we can erase the stigma and offer strength and hope to those who still suffer.

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