Please be aware that due to the nature of a mental health publication, such as Turtle Way, posts and links may contain any or all of the following:

• information and/or ideas that may ‘trigger,’ disturb, or upset readers, including but not limited to topics such as, suicide, self-harm, addiction, and abuse.
• mature content such as swearing or sexual references
• photography and/or art that depicts graphic images of violence and/or nudity (although, we only accept such works if they are in good taste, promoting a sense of recovery or survival – not victimhood.)

Responsibility Statement:

Here’s the short and skinny – The information found on the websites of Turtle Way and Write into the Light are for support and entertainment purposes only. We are NOT doctors! As far as you’re concerned:

  • We didn’t cause it.
  • We can’t cure it.
  • We can’t control it.

Here’s the long and fat – Turtle Way and Write into the Light are non-medical, non-professional sites and therefore, not advice for any symptoms or condition you may have. If you have a medical problem, consult your doctor or a licensed physician.

Turtle Way and Write into the Light make no guarantees about the validity or accuracy of the information posted on either site. None of the individual contributors, system operators, developers, sponsors or anyone else connected to these sites can take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented on either website.

Nothing on Turtle Way or any project related to Turtle Way and/or Write into the Light should be viewed as an attempt to offer or render a medical opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of medicine. Please consult your physician, medical professional, and/or doctor with any medical problems or symptoms of mental illness that you may be experiencing, including but not limited to suicidal thoughts.

Finally, the opinions and ideas expressed by the authors and/or artists published in Turtle Way Journal are solely the responsibility of the individual authors and/or artists who expressed them, and in no way reflects the views, attitudes or values of anyone else, here or elsewhere.

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