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Dear Readers,

Welcome to Turtle Way’s second issue of 2012! Here you will find an eclectic mixed of personal stories, perspectives, poetry, and creative art. As always, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who submitted their creative works in the spirit of inspiring and supporting others who have mental illnesses.

This issue includes the talents of eight writers and three visual artists contributing a total of six poems, one short story, one essay and three works of art, all of which touch on various forms of mental illness including depression, bipolar and schizophrenia.

This issue’s Special Interest Section (SIS) includes three pieces from individuals who love someone with mental illness. “Miracle” by Krisztina Fehervari offers a mother’s perspective of her child who has bipolar disorder. “Retreat” by Heather McGrew gives readers a glimpse into the daily life of a pregnant woman whose husband suffers from schizophrenia. “Night Shift at the Hospital” by Stephanie Bradbury invites readers to experience a hospital psychiatric ward from behind the nurses’ station.

This issue’s meditations were written by me, but we welcome those which you write as well. Please see the submission guidelines for details.

We are also introducing a new section to Turtle Way called “Mental Silliness” (a play on “mental illness”). Mental Silliness features humorous quotes and/or illustrations to remind us of the healing power of laughter. Feel free to submit your humorous, PG-rated jokes, sketches, cartoons, drawings, photography and artwork to writeintothelight [at] live [dot] com for consideration in our next issue.

Submissions for the next issue will open October 1, 2012. Submissions received before this date will not be considered.

But WAIT! Before you dive in, I need to go over a few housekeeping notes:

  • COMMENTS: I have disabled comments to protect the hearts of our contributors, who have put forth their most sensitive and revealing works for us to read, view, and enjoy. Please send comments and questions either directly to the author via their contact information, or to me via the contact form here. Your comments may be included in future issues’ “Letters to the Editor” section unless you specify otherwise.
  • SUBMISSIONS: If you would like your work to be considered for upcoming issues, please review our submission guidelines here.  Submissions are currently closed, but will reopen on October 1, 2012.  Without you, there is no we, and only we can get through life – together, not alone.

Love and peace,

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