Samantha by Andy N.

She used to fly like a swallow
into both of my arms
but last time I saw her
she was sat on the floor
shaking glue-faced
to anybody passing for a pound.

Shaking with eyes
that was a double barreled knot
before her flowing hair
became a shawl
that muffled her broken,
mis shaped words.

She used to fly into my arms
with her slight kisses
somersaulting all over my cheeks
and left me mistaking
full on depression
for her teary nature.

I still see her face now
dropping coins like pills
into her coat
which in the evening shadows
gave a charcoal outline
instead of a proper relationship.

I still see her face now
searching all over Market Street
outside the mass hysteria
of Starbucks and Debenhams
before a cry of pleasure
is followed by a baby’s scream.

And I’m still not sure
which it was round
as she carried on back
where she came from
staggering back up the street.

Andy N is a 40-year-old writer, performer and sometimes experimental musician from the North West end of England. His poetry book, Return to Kemptown, was published through N Press in 2010, and his second book, – a split book with Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama) – A Means to an End, has been recently printed. Andy is also vocalist and keyboardist in the spoken word collective ‘A Means to an End’ ( He blogs at and his official website is

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