From the Quiet Room

Welcome to Volume 4 Issue 1 of Turtle Way! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of spring as we take a look at our first issue of 2014. Michael Lee Johnson’s poem, “Missing of the Birds” reminds us in the Northern Hemisphere what a long cold winter it has been this year. Hopefully, nicer weather is just around the corner.

This issue’s Special Interest Section topic is Animals. In addition to the aforementioned birds, a couple of canines make an appearance in this issue; one in Michael Price’s Apathy, and another in Changming Yuan’s Walking the Selfhood. Also, be sure to check out the Did U Know? section for some information on mental health pet therapy, and our animal photography and art pieces throughout the issue.

But wait! Before you dive in, let’s review a few housekeeping items:

  • WARNING: Please read the “trigger” disclaimer here.
  • COMMENTS: All comments will be moderated to protect the contributors, who have put forth their most sensitive and revealing works for us to read, view, and enjoy. As always, you may send your comments and questions either directly to the author via their contact information, or to me via the contact form here. Your comments may be included in future issues’ “Letters to the Editor” section unless you specify otherwise.
  • SUBMISSIONS: If you would like your work to be considered for upcoming issues, please review our submission guidelines here. Without you, there is no we, and only we can get through life – together, not alone.

Love and peace,

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