Serenity Meditation by WiL

Man’s yesterday may never be like his morrow; Nought may endure but Mutability. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

Change is difficult for many of us. The lack of control we have over our symptoms at times, over other people, over situations and life in general often increases our anxiety and may exacerbate our more debilitating mental illness symptoms. What can we do to help ourselves if we have no control over the constant ebb and flow of life? We can examine the interrelationship among our attitudes, expectations, motives, and actions.

Could it be possible that resistance to change is in part due to those changes which do not meet our expectations of how people or life should be? Could it be that our actions are driven by a fear of life not going the way we expect it to? Could it be that this fear stems from our attitude that we think we know what is best for everyone and from the illusion that we have the power to orchestrate such scenarios?

Today, I can reflect on those areas of life that I can control and those areas that I cannot control. I can discuss these thoughts with a trusted friend or professional. If I do not know where to begin or if I get stuck, I can say the Serenity Prayer and I will know peace.


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