Did U Know Hypomania is Common in the Spring? by WiL

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At least for me, hypomania is common in the spring. After a long, dreary, cold winter spell, the warmer weather and sunnier, longer days brighten my mood and increase my energy levels to the point of a hypomanic state that includes very little sleep each night, multiple, half-finished projects all over the house, excessive energy, and irritability and impatience with others. I have bipolar disorder type 2.

Increased self-esteem, sociability, racing thoughts, and sex-drive also occur. It doesn’t cause major relationship problems, delusions, or hospitalization like bipolar 1 mania can often lead to, but it is uncomfortable for me at times and annoying to others at the very least.

Do you experience symptoms of hypomania? If so when or how often?

Photo: Samina Raza – https://bipolar1blog.com

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