Lady Mary by Kerry Kelly

The black bearded Captain Daniels took Mary to sea,

In the bloody, crested moonshine they floated fairly free,

The powers of the stars’ lighting the diamond, white ice,

The taste of peachy-grapes, yeast, potatoes and apple slice,

Old Paddy Morgan, the Helmsman with strange powers,

Steers the vessel away from the raging April showers,

And into the blue slammers the fortified ship flew,

My Fair Lady delving into paradise painted in blue,

As a screwdriver tears at a fizzing rusty nail,

A hurricane blew up, an Earthquake like gale,

Flying through the night with no thought at all,

She spins out of control not considering her imminent fall!

Valkyriekerry Kelly is a graduate, wife and mum of five living in Ireland. Her poetry and short stories have been accepted by journals such as; ‘Peeking Cat,’ ‘Short Fiction Break.’ ‘TigerShark’ and ‘Eskimo Pie,’ and examine her own bipolar illness. Kerry has also written extended pieces for ‘Moods Magazine’ and writes a bipolar blog on WordPress.
Twitter: @valkyriekerryke

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