You Are Not Alone At All by Partha Chatterjee

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Don’t think you are alone.
You have ‘you’ within you.

Breathing is yours.
Vision is yours.
Blinking is yours.
Sighing is yours.
Crying is yours.
Laughing is yours

Don’t think you are marooned.

Everybody suspects you?
Nobody has courage to walk
With you?
Let them go into the dustbin.
You have your own feet, an automatic
Blind supporter, ready to follow you whatever path you want to trade on.

Be a climber like a spider who climbs
Through his own thread and never thinks
Of another ropeway.

Partha Chatterjee lives in India with his wife, Papia and his daughter, Princia. He loves music, poetry, painting and cricket. He believes what Paramananda says: we need not more religions, we need humanity.

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