Perfect Bodies Mixed with Diet Pills by Diana Yafizova

When we first met you said: “women are living art”
But what you really meant was women’s bodies are art
Specifically ‘perfect’ bodies
So when we started dating-
And you asked me “did you eat today”
Well how could I have
When my value is placed in my body

Here begins the battle with the mirror and my body:
Perfect hourglass body, the type of body only achieved by a corset
Face with no blemishes, no scars- and don’t forget that pretty smile
Legs not too long or short and smooth as your silk bedsheets
Thigh with a gap and of course no cellulite as waves are meant for the whales
The word that is so haunting is jiggle- arms and belly not meant to be jiggled
But our butt has to jiggle-be full of jelly
As well as our chest, meant to be full of jelly, actually the more the beautiful it is
Oh the contradictions, how can I win?

So if you meant did I eat my diet pills and wash them down with black coffee
Then yes, I did eat
Enough to not hear my stomach eat itself from the inside out
Enough to not lose consciousness on the treadmill
Enough to squeeze into the size 0 jeans
Enough to be considered beautiful in our society
Enough to have a real attempt at the body that is art

“Women’s bodies are living art”-art that destroys ourselves

Diana Yafizova is a Michigan State University undergraduate student double majoring in creative writing (mainly focused on poetry and fiction), and professional and public writing. She has published articles in both Hypefresh inc. and ENSPIRE magazine. Her creative works try to focus on different societal issues and existentialism. Her main goal is for everyone to be seen and accepted in their emotions. Instagram: @dianary26  Twitter: @DianaR_Y

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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